Agriculture + Advocacy = AgVocacy

Agriculture + Advocacy = AgVocacy Outline used at Podcamp Boston 5 for Agriculture plus Advocacy equals AgVocacy. Slides also used in presentation.

SwineCast update for Decemeber 18, 2009, Finding The Right PRRS Plan For Your Operation

We’re pumped to share presentations from the recent Swine Forecast 2010 virtual conference this week in your email update. This program brings together speakers and groups of swine producers around the U.S. and Canada to share concerns and questions in a timely and forthright fashion. You’ll get the skinny from bankers on access to capital, market updates from Dr. Steve Meyer and a look behind the curtain in the packer/retail area of the industry.

CropVillage update for December 10, 2009, Grain Molds Continue To Raise Concerns For 2009 Crop

As the 2009 harvest crawls to a close (some areas of the country are still in the 50’s for completed percentage) that grain going into storage or hopper cars is highly suspect. Molds and mycotoxins are major concerns with the possibility of another flush when bins warm up in the spring. What to look for and what to do with it? Current and upcoming programs on CropVillage.com brings this conversation to you.

DairyCast update for December 1, 2009, How are dairy checkoff dollars working for you?

Hopefully you enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving with friends, family and plenty of dairy products. We are continually thankful for each of you actively helping to grow DairyCast. We always enjoy your feedback to help us provide you with the information and solutions you need to succeed. Let us know what’s on your mind today by sending me a note to Feedback@DairyCast.com.

FYI, Elanco Animal Health released the new, higher concentration of Rumensin. Listen in as Dr. Chel Moore, PhD and Technical Consultant for Elanco, explains the details you should know.

Truffle Media Update for December 1, 2009, Twenty-Ten is no longer science fiction

What is happening in agriculture new/social media?
  • Super Market Guru Phil Lempert, the Super Market Guru, was the special guest on the November 17th Foodchat on Twitter. Phil provides information on food trends that producers can leverage to make their products distinctive and desired. The Foodchat session provided a lively discussion on consumer's interests, food labels, and the role of supermarkets on consumer's buying habits. Learn more about Phil's food trend predictions at Super Market Guru, follow his tweets @phillempert, and see his Lempert Report on YouTube (learn more about koodies here!).
  • Food and Farming Canada is a news, information and comment site about the farming side of food - linking together the farmers who grow food with the consumers who eat it. It is a simple site but has interesting links and stories about the food/farming/consumer relationship.
  • 2010 Faces of Farming Calendar The Ontario (Canada) Farm Animal Council has put together a calendar for 2010 to help bring a face to the food you eat. This calendar, sponsored by Ontario agribusinesses and commodity groups, represents farmers from all sectors of agriculture and regions in Ontario.
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