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College Aggies Online is an initiative, and a contest, of the Animal Agriculture Alliance to connect college students from across the country who are interested in promoting agriculture. Participants receive training and instructions from industry professionals and enjoy access to a private forum to post information about current and emerging issues facing farmers and ranchers. Are you in a college or university, interested in agriculture, and want to connect with others to share your ag story? Sign up to College Aggies Online.

Consumer Food Trendspotting

The Institute of Food Technologists combines new information from the U.S. Census with consumer purchasing habits and retail rends to provide a detailed report on the American Family's eating habits.

Families with children comprise an influential segment of the U.S. population, and understanding their cooking patterns, health concerns, and dining out preferences is critical to effectively targeting them.

Of note are the two charts depicting U.S. household types by age of householder (image) and % of mothers making a strong effort to limit their child’s consumption of specific substances (image).

How Do You Communicate With Farmers And Ranchers?

Kristi Moss and Sara Steever, Paulsen Marketing, published a presentation highlighting some of the steps agri-marketers need to take to connect with those in agriculture.

Some of their advice?

What marketers need to take away from this is that digital properties are becoming the new face of business, and websites and e-newsletters must be mobile enabled to maintain the attention of the producers. Also, the number of producers using mobile devices will continue to increase with advancements such as larger screens and easier to use buttons.

The presentation contains several videos of producers sharing their thoughts on mobile devices, online privacy, and the shortcomings of current technology.

A PDF version of the presentation is also available.

AMC 0056 - How Do You Know Your Farmer?

Organic Valley Know Your Farmer CampaignEmily Zweber ( @ezweber) Emily Zweber Shares Story of Organic Valley Coop's Know Your Farmer Campaign.

Truffle Media update for May 20, 2009, build those relationships before we need them

New media & social information that might be of value to you:
  • From Sandy Carter, IBM VP of SOA and WebSphere Strategy, Channels, and Marketing, 'Is social media right for every business?'... Sandy's response "I think that this question is the wrong one. The right one is -- what is your overall goal for your company and its business model? What is your compelling value proposition that truly sets you apart? Then you can decide which social media tools to add to your overall company strategy and execution." Read more from Sandy at Marketing Profs article and listen to her interview (part 1 and part 2).
  • Chris Brogan ( has an eBook Trust Economies: Investigation into the New ROI of the Web that starts with "If You Build It, They Won’t Come". The book reminds us that relationships come before the sale and that we need to build those relationships before we need them. This is an easy read and highly recommended to share with friends and associates.
  • PodCamp Boston New Media Social Media Conference, August 8-9, 2009, University of Massachusetts - Boston. This is a hotspot of new and social media. Register soon as tickets are limited to 350. Can't get to Boston? There are several other regional new/social media conferences: Columbus, Ohio; Tempe, Arizona; Houston, Texas.

Marketing CDs are DEAD!

by schoschie

Are you still handing out CDs as part of a marketing promotion campaign? Are they working? How do you know? Are you measuring your expense and return on this physical media?

Are you still using print media to get word out?

by schoschie Hopefully you have read the recent Time cover article "How to Save Your Newspaper" By WALTER ISAACSON Thursday, Feb.

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