Truffle Media update for March 16, 2010, Persistence of the Primitive Food Movement

Agriculture Stories Being Told

  • The Persistence of the Primitive Food Movement From the Freakonomics Blog, "Americans are currently embracing a strange sort of primitivism. Bicycles are losing gears, runners are afoot in shoes designed to creatae a barefoot sensation (some are even running barefoot), and men are growing bushy Will Oldham-like beards. It’s all very curious and entertaining.

PoultryCast update for Februray 25, 2010, Review of Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production

In our last update we referred you to the Slaughter Bill (U.S. House Bill 1549) as a major fight in the making. Just this week, livestock and poultry health professionals joined forces to share industry issues with Capitol Hill legislators and staffer.
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