Ag Industry Need Better, Open, Frequent Communication With The Public

Temple Grandin, USDA NRCS
Temple Grandin's presentation to swine professionals highlights that the agriculture industry needs to communicate with the public directly and openly. Here are some snippets of her talk:
"What people are imagining is happening inside the [animal] sheds is way worse than is what is actually happening" The ag industry must show what is happening on farms. Get a video camera in barns, cameras are cheap.
She believes the ag industry is too much in a defensive mode and needs to be communicating with the public, the normal public; more often and directly.

People always want to buy the new cool neat "thing". However, getting the people to use the "thing" is hard. Animal handling equipment has too much focus (the "thing") by management. The proper use and operation of the animal handling equipment is not getting the attention it needs.

5 Ideas On How Media Can Influence Customer Loyalty

Coffee Loyalty

I have been asked several times on how one might "increase loyalty" through media, marketing, and communications? My questions right away were:

  • What is an indicator of being loyal?
  • Can you measure it? and
  • Is it possible to move the indicator in a specific direction?

Marketing Profs offered ideas with 10 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty. This one article highlights the key points of understanding the true purpose of marketing, never take loyalty for granted, tap into what customers want, and integrity leads to trust=> which leads to a relationship.

AMC 0053 - Mark Gale, Charleston|Orwig, understands that Social/New Media is not a "checkoff" item

Mark Gale, Charleston|OrwigMark Gale ( @MarksKiosk), Charleston|Orwig, makes the observation that social and new media can not be a communications "check-off" item and companies need to make commitments in people, hours, and tools to successfully utilize the web.

AMC 0048 - Tricia Braid provides concrete Ag examples of change via social media

AgchickTricia Braid ( @agchick), Director of Communications for the Illinois Corn Growers Association and the Illinois Corn Marketing Board, provides concrete examples of how social media tools can effect a change in how people perceive agriculture. Social media time management tip: "It has to be the thing you are interested in; find the topic that gets you hooked and the time wouldn't matter. Stick with what does and forget the rest." This conversation is from the 2010 AgChat Foundation Agvocacy 2.0 Training, August 30-31, Chicago, IL, USA.

AMC 0047 - Amanda Sollman provides a Spartan Ag student point of view on social media, marketing, and communications.

Spartan Ag student point of viewAmanda Sollman ( @sollmana), as a student gives her perspective on social media use in ag and in college. Time management and social media use is not an issue for her, she has figured out how to effectively leverage the tools to stay connected to various thought leaders and friends. This conversation is from the 2010 AgChat Foundation Agvocacy 2.0 Training, August 30-31, Chicago, IL, USA.
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