Legos Help Learn About Farming

Legos Helps Explain Mint and Potato Farming Warren Seely shares how and why he builds working model tractors with Legos. The why is very insightful: a working Lego model tractor will not hurt you when explaining how a tractor works. Warren also uses the Lego models to explain mint and potato harvesting.

WTO, "Not" on Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)

wto country of origin labeling
The World Trade Organization has ruled that the USA Country of origin labeling (aka COOL, USDA info) is violating global trade rules and may impact global agricultural commerce.
“We remain committed to providing consumers with accurate and relevant information with respect to the origin of meat products that they buy at the retail level,” [Andrea Mead, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Trade Representative] said in a statement. “In that regard we are considering all options, including appealing the panel’s decision.”
COOL is considered by the US Swine industry to be a burden because the costs to implement and use out weight the benefits. For beef, many countries avoid exporting the the USA, also because of the USA COOL regulations.

SwineCast update for October 14, 2010, Improving Professionalism In Barn Culture

We continue to bring conversations from the Leman Conference. Up this week is a good review of sow feeding systems by Dr. Laura Greiner.

AMC 0023 - More about the Origami John Deere Tractor, background chat with Eric Hodson from John Deere Marketing

Eric Hodson from John Deere Marketing shares background on how the Origami John Deere Tractor came into being.
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