PoultryCast update for October 13, 2010, Why Do People Think I'm An Animal?

A couple of interesting stories which impact our industry in direct ways are available for your listening. Glynn Tonsor, K-State, reviews data looking at media stories which show our industry in a negative light and how our consumers react at the meat case. The effort to quantify what has been in question will also provide an economic case for developing programs and procedures to further limit inappropriate activities.

SwineCast Update for April 29, 2010, Reducing Pig Stress By Feeding Tryptophan

When Jerry Seinfeld and friends used Tryptophan (delivered in a late turkey dinner) to get at primo “G.I. Joe” action figures… little did we know the outcome would be good news for swine producers.

Researchers are finding the nap-inducing amino acid slows down the aggressive tendencies of re-mixed pigs and gilt replacements. Think of it as Thanksgiving afternoon without the Cowboys and Lions.

BeefCast update for October 16, 2009, How can you combat consumers' misconceptions on beef?

While doing early morning chores it is evident that unseasonably cool weather has wrapped around much of the country. Even though warmer temperatures are forecasted for next week, the next few days may offer potential for frosting. For cattle on pasture it is important to keep in mind how frost and killing frost (typically four or more hours at 28 degrees or cooler) can impact the forage supply. Take some time today to ensure that you and your cattle are properly prepared for such an event should it occur.

Register today for the upcoming Feeding Quality Forum. This premier event is hosted by Certified Angus Beef and features two convenient locations: November 10th in South Sioux City, NE and November 12th in Garden City, KS.

Highlighting these outstanding events will be the following presentations: “Protein and Feedstuff Market Outlook” by Dan Basse, AgResource Company; “The Economics of Quality Beef Production in the Feedlot” by Mark McCully, CAB; “Bringing Precision Management to the U.S. Feedlot Industry through Genetics” by Mark Allan & Kent Andersen, Pfizer Animal Genetics; “Nutritional Strategies for Quality-Focused Feeding Systems” by Ron Scott, Land O’ Lakes Purina Feed LLC; “Conventional Beef Production’s Economic and Environmental Advantage” by Alex Avery, the Center for Global Food Issues.

BeefCast update for June 12, 2009, Is the economy improving? And, Where our industry stands on quality

Update for June 12, 2009

As you know our industry is constantly changing. We are dedicated to help you stay up-to-date on these changes so that you can remain profitable even in difficult times.
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