Is There a Disconnect Between Consumers and Farmers?

consumer, farmer, and rancher survey The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance released a consumer, farmer, and rancher survey that says 42% of consumers believe US is heading in wrong direction. Additionally, it states 93% of farmers believe consumer perception of modern farming is somewhat or not accurate. This sets up a disconnect in the US on food production practices and consumer preferences.
Consumers think about food production constantly, yet know very little about how food is brought to the dinner table. Consumers are firmly divided on the direction of modern agriculture.

What Are the Real Animal Agriculture Impacts to the Environment?

The Truth About Sustainability Did the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations apply balanced comparisons between livestock and transportation, with respect to environmental impact? According to Dr. Frank Mitloehner, Agricultural Air Quality Center Director, University of California, Davis, the FAO's published report "Livestock's Long Shadow" misses the mark by comparing apples to oranges.
A true lifecycle assessment must be done on any system being compared.
You need to perform a complete life cycle assessment of both systems before any statements about livestock and transportation can be made and compared.

AMC 0056 - How Do You Know Your Farmer?

Organic Valley Know Your Farmer CampaignEmily Zweber ( @ezweber) Emily Zweber Shares Story of Organic Valley Coop's Know Your Farmer Campaign.

AMC 0052 - Jeff Fowle on why ranchers and farmers need to use social media.

Ag RancherJeff Fowle ( @jefffowle), President of the Agchat Foundation, share thoughts on why ranchers and farmers use social media. This conversation is from the 2010 AgChat Foundation Agvocacy 2.0 Training, August 30-31, Chicago, IL, USA.

Mainstream Media Misinformation about Agriculture, summary of #agchat responses from August 25, 2009


Questions and summary excerpts from the Twitter dialog for #agchat from August 25, 2009, on the topic of Mainstream Media Misinformation about Agriculture.

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