Animal Antimicrobial Data Misrepresented By UCS

The FDA released the 2009 report on Antimicrobials Sold or Distributed for Use in Food-Producing Animals. The reports lists all the antimicrobial drugs and drug classes approved for use in food producing animals, plus 2009 sales and distribution data reported by drug class. The report does not offer any analysis, observation, or subjective opinion on the effects of antimicrobials in animals.

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) issued a news release using the data to support its assertion that antimicrobial use in food animals is too widespread and poses risks to human health by undermining the effectiveness of the drugs.
While UCS claimed the amount of microbials used for farm animals was about eight times more than the three million pound doctors prescribed that year for human medical purposes, [Dave] Warner [National Pork Producers Council] pointed out the FDA data referred to pounds sold, not pounds used, so such comparison data does not exist.
“Despite the fact that the FDA report lacks the data, groups opposed to modern livestock production continue to peddle junk science on the percentage of antibiotics used for ‘non-therapeutic’ reasons, which include prevention and control of diseases, and to make comparisons of antibiotics used in food animals with those used in humans,” Warner added.

SwineCast update for September 17, 2009, What is the FDA's Perspective on Food Safety?

Just back from the Midwest Pork Conference. We had a conversation with Dr. Tom Gillespie, Rennselaer Swine Services, about the metric of 30 pigs per sow per year, and learned from Dr. Larry Rueff, Greensburg's Swine Vet Services, about the future of swine influenza virus (SIV) management.

Next stop St. Paul for the annual UMN Leman conference. This excellent program always visits top issues and ongoing concerns for swine vets and producers with top names in the world sharing their learnings. Dr. Peter Davies is this year’s coordinator.

This is a good place to plug those fairly regular presentations by The Morrison Group – “At The Meeting”. Those audio programs with leading vets typically follow gatherings like the Leman conference and are posted at SwineCast.com with the support of Boehringer-Ingelheim. Good information and easy to take with you on that next trip.

BeefCast for September 17, 2009, How can employee feedback can help businesses

As the new administration continues to get settled in or maybe stirred up (I’m not sure which is more accurate), the Food & Drug Administration appears to be gaining some steam and power. Today we provide some interesting perspectives from Dr. David Acheson on how the FDA views key food safety issues including traceability.

Limited use of antibiotics: Is this good for the poultry business?

antibody Key issue to discuss with your congressional representatives in the next two weeks… We need access to products which ensure the health and wellbein

PoultryCast update for July 16, 2009, FDA Launches Antibiotic Limitation Effort

Update for July 16, 2009

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