Are There Feed Availability Issues?

feed availability Audrey Adamson, National Pork Producers Association VP of Public Policy, discusses NPPC's work in Washington to consider options and solutions for feed availability issues likely to arise this fall.

How Does Heat Impact Poultry Diets With DDG's?

Heat Impact Poultry Diets With DDG

Purdue Graduate Research Assistant Mike Banks shares his research on how heat affects dried distillers' grains (DDGs) in poultry diets.

Cow + Feed=Lots Of Gas

Cows are considered the largest producer of methane globally, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has reports stating "The livestock sector is a major player, responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions measured in [carbon dioxide] equivalent." Reduction of methane produced by cows has long been thought to be a key green house gas reduction activity. Recently, Wageningen University researcher Van Zijderveld discovered that nitrate and sulphate additives in feed help reduce methane production in cow stomachs.

If their feed contains a small percentage of these substances the amount of this powerful greenhouse gas produced by sheep is halved, research by Sander van Zijderveld has shown.

While the research is in its early stages, there is potential to reduce methane production 16 to 30 percent.

DairyCast update for July 15, 2010, What Plants Should You be Concerned With in Your Forages?

This week is our local county fair. It is always a highlight of the year for me personally to see so many young people proudly displaying their months of hard work in an agriculture project. But it is also an excellent opportunity for all of us in agriculture to share our story with the public.

Truffle Media update for March 16, 2010, Persistence of the Primitive Food Movement

Agriculture Stories Being Told

  • The Persistence of the Primitive Food Movement From the Freakonomics Blog, "Americans are currently embracing a strange sort of primitivism. Bicycles are losing gears, runners are afoot in shoes designed to creatae a barefoot sensation (some are even running barefoot), and men are growing bushy Will Oldham-like beards. It’s all very curious and entertaining.

PoultryCast update for December 28, 2009, How Will Carbon Legislation Affect Various Ag Segments?

The industry show season is quickly approaching as we gear up for the International Poultry Expo and Scientific Symposium in Atlanta. That show is co-located with the American Feed Industry Association International Feed Expo and conference at the World Congress Center. That’s a combination that makes sense and has contributed to attendance.
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