Ted McKinney - Making Safe, Abundant Food Supply a Global Reality

Making Safe, Abundant Food Supply a Global Reality - Ted McKinney, Senior Director of Global Affairs, Elanco Animal Health, from the 2011 Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholders Summit, May 5-6, Arlington, VA, USA.

What Are Food Plate Tectonics and What Must Agri-Professionals Know?

food and the triple bottom line

In the USA, the lowest income quintile, $13,000 yearly income, spends 28% of their disposable income on food. Yet, also in the USA, the top quintile, $130,000 yearly income, spends 7% of disposable income on food purchases. Matt Sutton-Vermeulen, Unison Resource Company, walks through the ideas of environmental, social, and economic issues for sustainable food, and the contrasts the USA population faces today.

Matt Sutton-Vermeulen - Food Plate Tectonics: Thriving on the fault line

Food Plate Tectonics: Thriving on the fault line - Matt Sutton-Vermeulen, Unison Resource Company, representing Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB), from the 2011 Annual Conference of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, April 11 - 14, San Antonio, TX USA.

What Are the Implications of the Overarching Demand for Food?


Dr. Frank Mitloehner, Associate Professor and Air Quality Extension Specialist, University of California-Davis, asks the question "What are the environmental and economic impacts of choosing to eat meat or drink juice?" This presentations highlights the need for those in agriculture to understand consumer's choices, needs, and desires, with respect to their view of the environment and economy.

How Much Do You Know About Hunger In America?

Tyson Foods donated 29,000 pounds of boneless chicken to help raise awareness of hunger in America and to help feed those in need. The United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta and Gwinnett County Public Schools partnered to help distribute the donated food.

“There are millions of hard-working adults, children and seniors who simply cannot make ends meet and are faced with the realities of hunger and malnourishment,” said John Tyson, chairman of Tyson Foods. “We are trying to make a difference in their lives by providing nutrient-rich protein and by increasing understanding of hunger in our country.”

Tyson Foods donated the chicken as part of its "KNOW Hunger" campaign, aimed at creating awareness though education and sponsored events.

Agriculture and Changing the Way We Eat

TEDxManhattan, held February 12th, 2011 in New York City, focused on how the way we eat is changing. This event provides a perspective on how the 98% of Americans learn more about farming, ranching, and agriculture. Three archived video streams are now available (part-1, part-2, part-3, event schedule).

What Are Global Perspectives on Commodity Price Spikes?

Photo AP Photo/Danny Johnston, File

The Diane Rehm Show brought together four experts on world economies and agriculture to address the current commodity prices and their impact on food, fuel, and fiber.

What are Thoughts on Dietary Guidelines for Americans?

This FoodChat discussion focused on the recently released Dietary Guidelines for Americans. How should those in agriculture help support these guidelines? What are some of the potential label changes to result from the new guidelines? These and other questions help guide the FoodChat conversation.

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