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College Aggies Online is an initiative, and a contest, of the Animal Agriculture Alliance to connect college students from across the country who are interested in promoting agriculture. Participants receive training and instructions from industry professionals and enjoy access to a private forum to post information about current and emerging issues facing farmers and ranchers. Are you in a college or university, interested in agriculture, and want to connect with others to share your ag story? Sign up to College Aggies Online.

New evidence of global warming

A funny update to a funny info graphic:)

AMC 0023 - More about the Origami John Deere Tractor, background chat with Eric Hodson from John Deere Marketing

Eric Hodson from John Deere Marketing shares background on how the Origami John Deere Tractor came into being.

Truffle Media Update for December 17, 2008

Truffle Media Update
December 17, 2008

Ag Media Conversations recent podcast episode
  • MP3 fileAudio: AMC 0017 - Colin Johnson from chats with Ned Arthur on using new media in swine practice.
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