What are Thoughts on Dietary Guidelines for Americans?

This FoodChat discussion focused on the recently released Dietary Guidelines for Americans. How should those in agriculture help support these guidelines? What are some of the potential label changes to result from the new guidelines? These and other questions help guide the FoodChat conversation.

PoultryCast update for January 28, 2010, Mycotoxin Management and Feeding Tips

It’s the biggest week of the year with the International Poultry Scientific Forum and the International Poultry Expo running Monday through Friday (January 25-29) at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. PoultryCast will be uploading presentations and conversations from IPE-IPSF in the days to come.

SwineCast update for September 17, 2009, What is the FDA's Perspective on Food Safety?

Just back from the Midwest Pork Conference. We had a conversation with Dr. Tom Gillespie, Rennselaer Swine Services, about the metric of 30 pigs per sow per year, and learned from Dr. Larry Rueff, Greensburg's Swine Vet Services, about the future of swine influenza virus (SIV) management.

Next stop St. Paul for the annual UMN Leman conference. This excellent program always visits top issues and ongoing concerns for swine vets and producers with top names in the world sharing their learnings. Dr. Peter Davies is this year’s coordinator.

This is a good place to plug those fairly regular presentations by The Morrison Group – “At The Meeting”. Those audio programs with leading vets typically follow gatherings like the Leman conference and are posted at with the support of Boehringer-Ingelheim. Good information and easy to take with you on that next trip.

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