What Are Food Plate Tectonics and What Must Agri-Professionals Know?

food and the triple bottom line

In the USA, the lowest income quintile, $13,000 yearly income, spends 28% of their disposable income on food. Yet, also in the USA, the top quintile, $130,000 yearly income, spends 7% of disposable income on food purchases. Matt Sutton-Vermeulen, Unison Resource Company, walks through the ideas of environmental, social, and economic issues for sustainable food, and the contrasts the USA population faces today.

How are Farmers and Ranchers Using Social Media?

Grassroots Efforts Can Make A DifferenceAt the end of August I spent several days at the Agvocacy 2.0 Training conference, meeting farmers and ranchers wanting to learn more on how to use new and social media to tell their agriculture stories.

They were energized, excited, and ready to learn. They understood the farm and ranch business/life style extremely well. But they also knew that few people in the USA truly understood what it takes to grow safe and affordable food.

These 60+ talented people came to Chicago from across North America to share their agricultural new/social media activities. The conference offered personal stories from people like Chris Chinn, who shared consumer food misperceptions stories, to sessions on how to create impactful videos and blogs.

AMC 0030 - What is College Aggies Online?

Barra_naroba250x188.jpg College Aggies Online, College Aggies Online is a joint venture of the Animal Agriculture Alliance and American National CattleWomen, Inc. that connects college students from across the country who are interested in promoting agriculture.

Food safety: summary of #agchat questions from July 14, 2009 #farm #ag

Q1 via @agriblogger Is it reasonable to expect that government can guarantee

AMC 0025 - Monsanto using new and social media, conversation with Kathleen Manning

Conversation with Kathleen Manning from MonsantoCo, on their use of ag related social and new media.
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