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Dr. Steve Meyers, Paragon Economics, shares his industry outlook on producer profitability based on use of good risk management practices.
We have moved back into a period where if you are buying grain and selling hogs on the cash market, you're probably loosing money. The issue is not the price of pigs, the issue is the cost of production.

Dr. Roger Campbell - The Future of Pork Industries | SwineCast


Dr. Roger Campbell, Pork Cooperative Research Center (CRC), share an international perspective on the the future of the pork industries, from the Swine Forecast 2011 webinar, December 1, 2010.

Continue to enhance efficiency of production and actively address likelihood of increasing and volatile feed costs; Exploit growing global demand for pork and cost advantages – more exports and better understanding global customer demands; Be aware of growing welfare and environmental concerns – they are likely to affect all countries directly and indirectly.

Can Milk Save South Carolina Budget Woes?

State prison farms in South Carolina are organizing under one operation to help save taxpayers and improve dairy production processes.

A state prison will soon be home to South Carolina's largest dairy under one roof, as a $7 million expansion quadruples the herd at a prison farm and allows the state to sell millions of gallons of excess milk.

"Hopefully, it will be the best run dairy in the state," said Bert Dew, the agency's agriculture chief.

Other states should take note on possible ways to generate additional revenue through agriculture.

South Carolina is among 17 states nationwide with prison farms. Besides South Carolina, eight others have dairy operations - California, Colorado, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin, according to the National Correctional Industries Association's latest survey.

BeefCast update for July 13, 2010, What is the outlook for US beef exports in the global marketplace?

This week is our local county fair. It is always a highlight of the year for me personally to see so many young people proudly displaying their months of hard work in an agriculture project. But it is also an excellent opportunity for all of us in agriculture to share our story with the public.

PoultryCast update for June 23, 2010, How Will Changing Food Trends In North America Impact My Operation?

Comments from Truffle Media's Trent Fredenburg: After a recent trip to Chicago, I am reminded once again how great the distance is between consumers and the farm. While the mileage from downtown Chicago to the nearest farm may not be long, the distance in understanding of consumers and food production is continually growing.

BeefCast update for April 30, 2010, How bullish will the market be and for how long?

It is good to be in the company of geniuses! According to Chris Hurt, economist at Purdue University, “owning cattle looks like a stroke of genius.” He recently issued his April cattle outlook report with very positive comments focused on the current cattle market trends. After extensive research and analysis Hurt concludes, “it’s great to be able to say, ‘The cattle industry is back.' ”
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