Digital: What Do Farmers, Ranchers, and Marketers Expect?

family-on-a-tractor.jpgWith respect to new and social media, here are some things we have observed: across beef, dairy, poultry, swine, and crop farmers, 30% of the people spent at least 10% of their week reading watching, or listening to industry information. 50% of the people spent 20% or more of their week reading, watching, or listening to industry information. This is from a survey series conducted Q1 2010.

In a survey conducted Q2 2011, 87% of swine producers listed email as their most valuable communications tool today, with newsletters and magazine at 39% and 25%.

LinkedIn Agriculture Group Metric Snapshot

Below is the LinkedIn Agriculture Group poll result snapshot from August 22 to August 26, 2010. The group has approximately 5,066 members at snapshot time. The poll snapshot has 575 respondents.
Overall Results
Overall Results

UberVU looks to take on Vocus market: UberVU costs way less and quick to setup!

UberVU vs Vocus UberVU looks to take on Vocus market: UberVU costs way less and quick to setup! #marketing #media #metrics

More tools to monitor the web are coming on line or being refined.

From Edison Research: The Podcast Consumer 2009

From Edison Research: "This data presentation was originally delivered as a webinar in conjunction with the Association for Downloadable Media on May 21, 2009. The Podcast Consumer Revealed: 2009 is the fourth iteration of this widely-cited study of the growing audience for audio and video podcasts. Data for this research presentation is derived from the 17th Arbitron/Edison Research Internet & Multimedia Research Series, one of the longest-running and most comprehensive series of studies on consumer usage, adoption and behavior surrounding new media and technology."

Dairy states compared, interesting.

Interesting comparison of dairy states, several charts.

Marketing CDs are DEAD!

by schoschie

Are you still handing out CDs as part of a marketing promotion campaign? Are they working? How do you know? Are you measuring your expense and return on this physical media?

AMC 0014 - Highlights of a recent large agricultural producer survey -

Ned Arthur and Dr. Allen Gray chat about the highlights of a recent large agricultural producer survey. Dr. Gray is the director of Purdue University's Center for Food and Agriculture Business.

Research on / for the podcast industry: Must read and use!

I am at the New Media Expo, listening to Tom Webster of Edison Media Research.

Here are some resources to learn more about new media and its utilization.

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