PoultryCast update for December 10, 2009, Senate Legislation Targets Pathogen-free Products, But Can It Be Done?

Is Pathogen-free possible? Legislators believe so with new requirements for testing in the mix. California Senator Feinstein said, "Food producers must be obligated to produce food that is free of pathogens. It is the responsibility of the food producer, not the consumer, to make sure our food safe to eat." National Chicken Council spokesman Richard Lobb covers current industry practices.

CropVillage update for December 10, 2009, Grain Molds Continue To Raise Concerns For 2009 Crop

As the 2009 harvest crawls to a close (some areas of the country are still in the 50’s for completed percentage) that grain going into storage or hopper cars is highly suspect. Molds and mycotoxins are major concerns with the possibility of another flush when bins warm up in the spring. What to look for and what to do with it? Current and upcoming programs on brings this conversation to you.
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