Truffle Media Update for April 28, 2010, What are you doing to connect with agri-professionals?

Agriculture Stories Being Told

Presentation to NAMA Southwest May 2009

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AMC 0022c - New Mexico State University student NAMA presents New Mexico Wines Into New Mexico Restaurants

New Mexico State University's student NAMA team presents New Mexico Wines Into New Mexico Restaurants -

AMC 0022a - Purdue University NAMA Student team talk about marketing Brookston Pork Burgers

Purdue University's Student NAMA team shared their plans on making Brookston Pork Burgers known throughout the country.

Andy Cohen short magic video from NAMA 2009

Short clip of Andy Cohen showing a bit of magic and using it as a great analogy for business and marketing.

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Short list of resources for NAMA Bootcamp 2008 attendees

NAMA Bootcamp

Thank for your time at NAMA Bootcamp 2008. We hope you found some great connections and learned some usable info!

Here are some resources to learn more about new media and its utilization.

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