DairyCast update for October 22, 2010, Where Has Trent Gone?

How can you connect with those in dairy? Truffle Media Networks offers a channel that reaches producers, farm operation management, large animal veterinarians, production staff, and researchers.

Truffle Media Networks focuses on agri-business professionals across the beef, dairy, poultry, and swine industries. Sign up to see the Virtual Truffle Road Show and learn how you can connect with agri-professionals.

SwineCast update for October 14, 2010, Improving Professionalism In Barn Culture

We continue to bring conversations from the Leman Conference. Up this week is a good review of sow feeding systems by Dr. Laura Greiner.

PoultryCast update for October 13, 2010, Why Do People Think I'm An Animal?

A couple of interesting stories which impact our industry in direct ways are available for your listening. Glynn Tonsor, K-State, reviews data looking at media stories which show our industry in a negative light and how our consumers react at the meat case. The effort to quantify what has been in question will also provide an economic case for developing programs and procedures to further limit inappropriate activities.

SwineCast Update for August 11, 2010, Will We See Congressional Action On Estate Taxes This Year?

The Year of Pigs is going strong at the Indiana State Fair. Mike Platt, Executive Director of the Indiana Pork Producers Association, shares how innovative product promotion efforts are paying off in Indiana.
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