What Are Consumer Food Traceability Desires?

We are closer to helping consumers understand where their food comes from. HarvestMark and others vendors are putting into use systems and tools where people can discover more about the food they purchased.

A recent example of an integrated approach to fresh food traceability is HarvestMark's partnership with The Kroger Company (2,468 supermarkets in 31 states). Kroger's private label produce brands now feature sixteen-digit codes by HarvestMark, allowing consumers to find out where their food was grown, when it was packed, how it should be stored, etc.

Integrating mobile phones into the process simplify the experience and put the information discovery very close to the point of purchase.

Add to that consumer interest in food provenance, and it's no surprise that this market is ripe with opportunity, especially for front-runners who can appeal to the needs of all parties involved: producers, packagers, retailers and consumers.
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