Does Weathered Hay Have Value?

The value of hay this year is much higher due to the drought in many parts of the country. This calculator can help farmers discover the value of hay, especially weathered hay that may have damage.

From the Cattle Network:
This is a quick tool that can be used to determine if older hay really is the bargain it appears to be. The calculator can also be used to determine the amount of additional hay that is necessary to meet the cow herd winter requirements after accounting for the inedible portion of the hay.

Are Your Checking for Heat Stress on Livestock?

With the heat domes over many parts of the USA, livestock are at risk of heat stress. What are some of the symptoms of livestock heat stress? And what are some of the actions you need to take to protect them? This post offers several resources to help understand the issues of heat stress and what steps to take to reduce and limit it.

Do You Have Heat Stress In Your Cattle?

Summer Heat Stress
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Iowa State Associate Professor of Animal Science, Dr. Lance Baumgard, looks at heat stress issues in changing weather conditions and offers some solutions for your operation.
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