Ag Industry Need Better, Open, Frequent Communication With The Public

Temple Grandin, USDA NRCS
Temple Grandin's presentation to swine professionals highlights that the agriculture industry needs to communicate with the public directly and openly. Here are some snippets of her talk:
"What people are imagining is happening inside the [animal] sheds is way worse than is what is actually happening" The ag industry must show what is happening on farms. Get a video camera in barns, cameras are cheap.
She believes the ag industry is too much in a defensive mode and needs to be communicating with the public, the normal public; more often and directly.

People always want to buy the new cool neat "thing". However, getting the people to use the "thing" is hard. Animal handling equipment has too much focus (the "thing") by management. The proper use and operation of the animal handling equipment is not getting the attention it needs.