#agchat Conversations about Twittering in a tractor and what might more rural broadband mean for agriculture

@Tykerman1 Twitter iconAgchat for July 7, 2009, captured some of the thoughts on Steve Tucker in Brandon, Nebraska, aka @Tykerman1 on Twitter, being interviewed live on TV by CNN (http://bit.ly/CtZcs).

Q1 (via everyone who wasn't on CNN) for @Tykerman1 Please describe your experience during CNN interview & following excitement. #agchat
  • Tykerman1: What I have been surprised with is the GREAT Response from people who are on Agricultures side and appreciate what we do.
Q2 for all, what it does exposure of the interview means to #ag (nod to @akleinschmidt, @agriblogger & @agchat for being included). #agchat

Twitter, unfortunately was crushed under the weight of Michael Jackson’s death coverage plus the Iranian demonstrations to their election process. This caused many users of Twitter to miss parts of conversations.

Q3 (via derekbalsley) 2009 ARRA $7.2B was awarded for rural broadband development. What does this mean for you & #ag as a whole? #agchat
  • Fastline: Q3. I think that this is an important step in connecting people and resources. The internet is a powerful tool #agchat
  • shaunhaney: Q3 rural broadband is going to increase the amount of technology accessible to farmers. #agchat
  • akleinschmidt: Q3 not sure, many in my area have access to some form of connection. Curious on @shaunhaney’s qxn. percent of people w/o? #agchat
Q4 (via narthur) If new admin policy is to export ag knowledge instead of food assistance, will US export picture change & when? #agchat
  • NateJaeger: Q4: I think from the beef side export market will not change. Only ~10% exports currently. #agchat
  • TopProducerMag: Q4 The world needs food and fuel and fiber and feed and more of all of it. #AgChat
  • JPlovesCOTTON: Q4 I think demand ex-US will continue to grow. Think exports could continue as knowledge & production may not outpace demand #agchat
The full dialog with all the conversations can be found at Truffle Media Networks.