AgVocate With X Social Media Tips

Agvovacy and Social Media I was asked to bring to the Agvocacy 2.0 Training five social media tips. On reflection (and a quick Google search) I found that tips are everywhere and they vary greatly according to their context. My tip to you may be worthless to someone else. So instead of Five Social Media Tips (or ten or twenty), here are things Truffle uses day to day and why we use them.

Why Social Media? Let me address this with a question: Why use a pen or a pencil? Because it is the tool by which I can discover and share information with other people, ideally to help improve someone's life.

Before I list tools and methods, I need to clarify some of the "why". Truffle Media is a digital media company. We capture agriculture conversations and make them available on the Internet as audio, video, text, images, and what ever else is digital.

Our work flow centers around capturing, creating, and sharing data and information. So the tools and methods below are focused on our point of view as a media company.

In a nutshell: we use tools to create digital media; we use tools to discover, capture, store, and organize digital media; and we use tools to share digital media. And along the way we have to coordinate, measure, rinse and repeat.

What do we use?

For digital creation
For digital discovery, capture, storing, and organizing
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Products, This Week In Tech, IT Conversations for discovery.
  • Amplify, Clipmarks, Delicious,, Drupal, Libsyn, Skype,, and Flickr for capture, storing, and organizing.
  • Why? This is one area where there are more discovery and organization tools than is possible to use daily. So this list is about what we have found to work today. We will find new tools and try them out; If they solve a real problem then we will use them. FYI, Libsyn and are key for us as a media company; they handle the bandwidth for delivering all our audio and video. Doing this ourselves would be insane.
For digital sharing
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Facebook, and Truffle Media Networks for sharing.
  • Why? Twitter is the main quick share channel, MailChimp is our trusted email service provider, Truffle Media Networks is our base of content storage, LinkedIn is the professional network development tool, and Facebook ... because half a billion people are there (?).

For measuring the effects

For managing the chaos

  • Basecamp, QuickBooks, Gmail, cell phones, YouSendIt, and good old fashion in person meetings.
  • Why? Because we just do. Basecamp and QuickBooks are critical in coordinating with vendors, partners, employees, etc. Gmail (and Google docs too) allows for flexibility in information sharing, and cell phones... who operates without a cell phone?

In addition to the tools, there is an overall working thesis and set of principles Truffle uses to effectively build and sustain an interested audience. This thesis gets evaluated almost every week; we may not change it right then but we look at the metrics / responses, think about what is working or not, and plan accordingly.

Some of these general principles include:

  • Honest: Be up front about what we do. This is in the "Be yourself" or "Be Human" tip.
  • Limits: We can't do everything.
  • Evolve: We must strive to evolve to meet the audience expectations.
  • Know When to Fold Em: We must admin our failures and move onward.
  • Be the Bar Fly: We build a base on which our media sits and take it to where our audience lives.
  • Meet Real People: Social media means interacting with real people. Get off line and get out!