Anti-Posilac Billboard Campaign Rejected

BAC Versus Lilly
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The Breast Cancer Action group wants to post its opinion about Eli Lilly and Company's Posilac on Indianapolis billboards but finds it difficult find a vendor to take on the billboard campaign.

When billboard companies in the city rejected the group's message, [Breast Cancer Action] cried foul, implying it's impossible to criticize Lilly in Indianapolis. Officials of Lamar Advertising, however, say they'd be glad to run the group's claims. If it can prove them.

The Breast Cancer Action group claims Posilac, a recombinant bovine growth hormone (aka rBGH or rVST), is passed to humans through milk and is linked to cancer. Lilly's Elanco division disputes the claim.

"There is no scientific backing for their position,'' [Joan] Todd [Lilly spokeswoman] said of the health group. "This is one of the most studied and restudied products on the market. Drinking milk does not increase the risk of breast cancer."