BeefCast update for April 30, 2009, Increase first time conception and future direction of the tuberculosis program

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Update for April 30, 2009

Undoubtedly you have heard a great deal over recent days about what the media is referring to as “Swine Flu.” It is certainly unfortunate that many are using this human health concern as an opportunity to either attack or block US protein production.

Most notable is the desire of some international trading partners to use the circumstance as a chance to create artificial trade barriers to our exports. We must continue to demand that all trade policies are based on sound science. If you are like me, it is somewhat hard to swallow that we are still fighting trade restrictions based on growth hormones and BSE. I can only image where H1N1 (aka “swine flu”) may lead us.

Another area of grave concern is that animal rights activists are using this human health situation to attack the production practices. HSUS has this statement posted on their homepage, “Factory farming—the intensive confinement of tens of thousands or even millions of animals in one place—has strong ties to the current strain of swine flu.” Even though the HSUS CEO recently spoke to a group of agriculture advocates about ways to work together, be clear their mission has and will be to end animal agriculture.

We continue this week with additional information from the 2009 TSCRA Vision of Excellence Convention and the 2009 NIAA Changing Face of Animal Agriculture conference.

From TSCRA, a discussion on fire ants and how to control them plus a panel on natural disasters. From the NIAA, Jerry Roell shares thoughts on equipping animal agriculture in a changing world and Bill Medley talks about how wall street is impacting credit to farmers.

We hope that you enjoy and benefit from these great resources! Please feel free to share these presentations with your colleagues and co-workers.

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  • More discussions from the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Convention Weekend held March 20-22, 2009, Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
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