BeefCast Update for December 11, 2008

Update for December 11, 2008

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The youth of our industry are certainly one of our greatest resources. This was certainly evident as I had the opportunity to assist this past week with the Hoosier Beef Congress. The event hosted over 950 youth exhibiting over 1400 head of cattle.

While a great deal of discussion can occur about the disconnect between today’s show ring and the cow/calf operations in Nebraska and the feedlots of Texas, the value of teaching our youth the importance of hardwork in the spirit of competition overshadows any such disconnect. I think that it behooves us all to continually work to realign the segments of our industry, including the importance of phenotypic appraisal in the show ring, with the true purpose of our beef value chain.

When you see hundreds of young people with the passion and determination for beef cattle that I witnessed this past weekend, it helps you to sleep a little better at night about our future.

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