BeefCast update for February 19th, 2009, Keynote address of the General Session of the CIAC plus TSCRA coming up

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Update for February 19th, 2009

Most of us in the cow/calf sector have either already begun calving or are anxiously awaiting its arrival. This always marks an exciting time for our industry as this new calf crop will ultimately affect the success of all subsequent sectors in the value chain: stockers, feeders, packers, and eventually consumers. This year’s calves will have an uphill battle from the beginning.

Not only will they have to overcome the typical production challenges, but this year there will be less of them than at any time in recent history. In addition, they will have to satisfy a growing world population with a continually increasing discriminating taste over the type of beef they prefer. And the consumer may have less disposable income to spend on beef as a protein source. While all of these factors may make the future appear bleak, I would argue the contrary.

Just as this year’s calves battle through blizzards and potential droughts on their way success, the responsible cattlemen and women charged with their care will persevere through our industry challenges as well.

Also, the upcoming Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Annual Convention will take place March 20-22 in Fort Worth. Along with the School for Successful Ranching, now in its 15th year, this will be a great event to enhance you decision-making abilities in these challenging times.

Sand Cows Cattle Industry Annual Convention 2009

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