BeefCast update for February 4, 2010, A Look Into the Future of the Cattle Industry

Last week was very exciting. The trip to San Antonio, Texas for the Cattle Industry Annual Convention was extremely valuable. I truly enjoyed the chance to catch up with many of you and gain your perspectives. If we weren’t able to connect last week, drop me a message to let me know what’s on your mind and how we can help.

I am excited to bring you numerous conversations from the event. We are beginning our coverage with a look into the future of the cattle industry with six leaders and innovators including: Paul Bennett, Knoll Crest Farms; Homer Buell, Shovel Dot Ranch; Dave DeLaney, King Ranch; James Herring, Friona Industries; Wesley Batista, JBS; Molly McAdams, H-E-B. Join the conversation here. I personally feel this session was the best in recent years.

BeefCast® Conversations

Top legal developments that will impact our beef cattle business

MP3 fileRoger McEowen, from Iowa State's Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation, chats with Eric Atkinson to discuss the top ag legal issues of 2009 and impacts into 2010. Part 1 and Part 2.

Agriculture discussions on Social Media channels

Twitter discussionsAnimal Care discussion. Contains responses to questions, resource links, and transcript of conversations.

Twitter discussionsHerding Cats While not actually agriculturally related, this funny video does involve "ranching". It uses humor and set of short ranching character interactions to share a possible solution to a common problem.

BeefCast® Headliners

Dr. Ronald Lemenager, the BeefBlog

Link to blogAssist or Resist? Post from The Cattleman "Dystocia causes a myriad of problems. Not only are the cow and calf more likely to become injured, ill or even die during a difficult delivery, but pulling calves means more time spent on individual animals that could be spent tending to the whole herd."

Don Tyler, Lessons Learned--and Passed Down

Link to blogA man recently opened his mail to find a note from his bank with a returned check marked "NSF" (for non-sufficient funds.) After hearing all the difficulties that banks are having these days, he called their accounting department and asked, "Is it you……or me?".

BeefCast® Conference Connection

A Look Into the Future of the Cattle Industry

Cattle Industry Annual Convention & NCBA Trade Show This is a two part dynamic look into the future of the cattle industry with six beef industry leaders and innovators. Part 1 and Part 2.

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