BeefCast update for January 8, 2010, Enhanced marker assisted selection and Cattle of Feed report

Happy New Year! Hopefully 2010 will be extremely prosperous and successful for you. We at BeefCast resolve to continue to bring you the information and solutions you need to enhance your profitability. Let me know how we can help you on a daily basis by sending me a note

We are pleased to share an exciting new announcement with you from Pfizer Animal Genetics. They are preparing to launch a new high density 50,000 marker panel to increase the accuracy of our selection decisions. Join our conversation to learn how it can benefit your business.

Make plans today to join us in San Antonio for the Cattle Industry Annual Convention, January 27-30. It is sure to be a fun and education experience. Given the cool weather and snow that is piling up outside, San Antonio sure sounds nice.

BeefCast® Conversations

Cattle of Feed report

MP3 fileDerrell Peel, Oklahoma State University Livestock Economist, takes us inside the recent Cattle on Feed report and also offers his thoughts on what we might expect to see as we enter 2010.

Enhanced marker assisted selection

MP3 fileConversation on Pfizer Animal Genetics' launch of a new high density 50k chip to dramatically enhance marker assisted selection.

Marker assisted selection technology and release

MP3 fileDr. Kent Anderson, Associate Director of Technical Services for Pfizer Animal Genetics, explains the technology and release of the new high density 50k chip.

Agchat: Agriculture discussions on Social Media channels

Twitter discussionsClimate Change discussion.

Twitter discussionsAg and farm related issues discussion.

BeefCast® Headliners

Dr. Ronald Lemenager, the BeefBlog

Video fileVideo Feature: Hormones… The facts may surprise you!, Hormones are a necessary part of life and their use in the production of our food significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with a steak or glass of milk. So before you pay the extra money for hormone-free (which really there aren’t such products), make sure you know the facts.

BeefCast® Conference Connection

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AFBF 91st Annual Meeting Jan. 10-13, 2010 Seattle, WA. Interested In Attending the AFBF 91st Annual Meeting? Members must register through their state Farm Bureau office to attend the AFBF annual meeting. Many state Farm Bureaus offer group travel arrangements. If you’re not sure who to contact, find your state Farm Bureau.

Ag Connect Expo 2010 Jan. 13-15, 2010, Orlando, FL. Introducing a world-class event that brings together the very latest in equipment, technology and ideas from all areas of agriculture production—all around the globe. Registration and event details available.

Cattle Industry Annual Convention & NCBA Trade Show Jan. 27-30, 2010, San Antonio, TX. "Its a good opportunity to interact with members of the livestock industry and to become more informed on a variety of topics of interest."

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