BeefCast update for July 28, 2010, Wet Distillers May Be a Mistake for Heifers

The intro note is short this week: Trent and his wife, Karen, are starting on a new venture with the birth of their son, Silas Arthur. Please feel free to send wishes and notes via

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Agriculture Telling its Story

  • Has USDA Lost Its Way? - From the Beef Blog, Purdue Phil shares a post made by Gary Truitt of Hoosier Ag Today - "The firing of Shirley Sherrod for allegedly making racist remarks quickly turned into the scandal of the summer in Washington. With the BP oil spill plugged, the media machine was hungry for a new story, and Vilsack gave them what they wanted."
  • Agriculture Sustainability - What does it mean to be 'sustainable' in agriculture? How do biodiversity and water issues play a part in ag sustainability? This Agchat discussion provides information, resource links, and discussion on agriculture sustainability.
  • Moving The Farm Bill 2012 Forward - The design and development of the USA Farm Bill 2012 has already started. What is needed to get from here to there? How will the issues of Cap and Trade affect the process? Will agricultural subsidy policy and implementation be changed? This Farm Bill 2012 resource page will keep you updated on developments and conversations.
  • Looking For A Job In Agriculture? - The outlook for agriculture employment is good. Several resources and tools can assist you in discovering agriculture job and career opportunities.

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