BeefCast update for July 9, 2009, Producer accepts the responsibility of engaging in social media to educate consumers

Update for July 9, 2009

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As summer is quickly passing by it is hard to believe that next week is our county fair week. With the development of numerous selection tools to assist our breeding programs in genetic progress, the value of the showring has certainly changed over the decades.

Regardless of your thoughts on the showring as a selection tool, there are some non-debatable values it offers. It helps to develop interest in our industry, educate the public and grow young leaders. I have been privileged over the last few months to assist a couple of local youth become involved in cattle projects and it has been extremely rewarding. It has been great to see the change in these young people as they have grown with their project.

It is certainly hard to put a price on youth developing a passion for the cattle industry, strong work ethics, discipline and project management skills. I am sure many of you have some stories of youth cattle projects or upcoming county fairs. I would enjoy hearing them,

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