BeefCast update for May 13, 2010, Facts and Fiction Behind Agriculture's Role in Antimicrobial Resistance

As you probably know the Supreme Court is currently considering the case concerning Roundup Ready Alfalfa. For more insights into the case and potential legal precedent, visit with Roger McEowen, Director of the Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation.

We have been visiting the last few days at the Distillers Grains Technology Council symposium (info being posted next week) and recently at the Animal Agriculture Alliance’s Stakeholders Summit (presentations and updates).

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BeefCast® Conversations

How can you improve your supplement to best meet your cattle's needs?

MP3 fileDale Blasi, Beef Cattle Specialist at Kansas State University, weighs in on how you can optimize your supplement program for your stockers or cow/calf pairs on Spring and Summer pastures.

The Facts and Fiction Behind Agriculture's Role in Antimicrobial Resistance

MP3 fileDr. Jared Taylor, DVM and assistant professor at Oklahoma State University, provides the facts, myths and follies regarding agriculture's role in antimicrobial resistance, in two parts (part 1 and part 2).

Agriculture Telling its Story

On The Farm: Tennessee Floods and Effects on TN Agriculture Melissa Burniston (@mburniston ) of the Tennessee Farm Bureau shares information about the flood impacts to agriculture in Tennessee.

Farm Bill 2012 Conversations Staring The Farm Bill 2012 is already being developed. What are the impacts and where will the money flow?

Immigration Reform While immigration reform has been something the U.S. Congress has talked about for years, the recent Arizona legislation is forcing actions to occur. What are the effects of immigration reform to agriculture, agribusiness, and consumers? Resources, links, and commentary included.

BeefCast® Headliners

Dr. Ronald Lemenager, the BeefBlog

Link to blogUT Southwestern researchers find mechanism that may stop E coli from developing in cattle "Microbiologists at UT Southwestern Medical Center, working with the Department of Agriculture, have identified a potential target in cattle that could be exploited to help prevent outbreaks of food-borne illnesses caused by a nasty strain of Escherichia coli."

BeefCast® Conference Connection

Don't miss these highly rates presentations from the 2010 Animal Ag Alliance Stakeholder's Summit: Truth, Lies and Videotape: Is Activism Jeopardizing Our Food Security?

Video fileVideo: Preventing Undercover Employment Operations Houston Johnson, Uniform Patrol and Tactical Team Commander, Harker Heights (TX) Police Department.

Video fileVideo: Ensuring Healthy Animals and Food Safety – The Need to Preserve Antibiotics Randall Singer, Ph.D, DVM, Associate Professor, Epidemiology, University of Minnesota.

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