BeefCast update for May 29, 2009, Global consumer perspectives on meat preferences

Update for May 29, 2009

Good news this week from this part of the corn belt. The heavy rains of the past few weeks have finally subsided and left a window of opportunity for grain producers. I believe that every corn planter in the area has been running this week. Thankfully the acres planted is multiplying quickly. Hopefully we can keep grain prices at or below forecasts for the season.

From a local perspective to a global perspective this week, be sure to catch up on the attitudes and preferences of consumers around the world toward beef and other protein sources. Here are a variety of viewpoints on the export climate in numerous regions of the globe.

Also, we continue with additional information from the 2009 TSCRA Vision of Excellence Convention and the 2009 NIAA Changing Face of Animal Agriculture conference.

From TSCRA, a panel discussion on water rights and, from the School for Successful Ranching, a panel discussion providing perspectives of profitability. From the NIAA, Jon Caspers shares Phil Seng's The World's Changing Views of U.S. Livestock Agriculture presentation.

We hope that you enjoy and benefit from these great resources! Please feel free to share these presentations with your colleagues and co-workers.

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  • More discussions from the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association Convention Weekend held March 20-22, 2009, Fort Worth, Texas, USA.
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    • MP3 fileAudio: School for Successful Ranching Panel Discussion: Perspectives of Profitability.
  • Continuing series from The National Institute for Animal Agriculture's The Changing Face of Animal Agriculture conference held March 31 - April 1, 2009, Louisville, Kentucky, USA.
    • MP3 fileVideo: Phil Seng - The World's Changing Views of U.S. Livestock Agriculture.

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