BeefCast update for November 16, 2009, What can you learn from the Feed Quality Forums?

Thanks to the great sponsors, the Feeding Quality Forums were extremely successful!

This event, sponsored by Land O'Lakes Purina Feeds, Feedlot Magazine, Pfizer Animal Health, and Certified Angus Beef, had many astute industry leaders attend in both Sioux City and Garden City.

But if you weren’t able to make it to these great meetings, don’t worry we were there for you. Today you can view all five presentations in their entirety at the BeefCast Conference Connection. Be sure to share this excellent resource with others in your business and friends.

What are you hearing? I would enjoy hearing your comments,

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  • Via Dr. Ronald Lemenager Video storyVideo Feature: Understanding Feed Labels "Producers need to understand the information provided on feed labels if they are tomake informed buying decisions. To assist in understanding the information provided on feed tags, each item will bebriefly discussed."
  • Link to blogHybrid Outlook for Agribusiness Careers: From BeefCast "Employment prospects for farmers, ranchers, and production managers are expected to decline over the next seven years, with notable exceptions in organic farming, horticulture, and aquiculture. The overall outlook for careers in agriculture and food science is brighter—job growth in these areas is expected to keep pace with the average of other occupations in the United States."
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