BeefCast update for October 1, 2009, Can we eradicate Bovine Respitory Disease?

One the road today, traveling from Madison, Wisconsin, after spending a few days at the World Dairy Expo, the premier event for the dairy industry. In spite of continued low milk price and another PETA video+demonstrations at the event, there appears to be some optimism among producers. As dairy producers put the worst behind them and begin to focus on a brighter future, hopefully for beef producers this may mean fewer culled dairy cows hitting the markets.

Another great benefit from the event will some excellent conversations on improving management and communications. Be sure to take a look at some of dairy producers responses to industry attacks via our conversation with Polly Ligon O’Grady.   

What are you hearing? I would enjoy hearing your comments,

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  • BeefCast 0411 MP3 fileHow to utilize peer-to-peer communication to tell your story. Polly Ligon O'Grady, Vice President of Weber Shandwick, shares how to utilize peer-to-peer communication to tell agriculture's story, reinforce and build its positive image, and counter inaccurate or uninformed online commentary about modern production practices.
  • BeefCast 0410 MP3 fileCurrent North-South cattle price differentials. Looking into the current cattle price differential in the North vs. the South, as well as changes in consumer demand for competing protein sources. Dr. Darrell Mark, Livestock Economist at the University of Nebraska, expains.
  • BeefCast 0409 MP3 fileEradicating BRD. Preventing and hopefully eradicating BRD, Bovine Respiratory Disease, is the topic of a recent presentation by Dr. Dan Thompson, Kansas State University.

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  • Via Dr. Ronald Lemenager Video storyVideo: The Legacy of Cattle in Colorado. Colorado rancher Corwin Brown and Ecologist Renee Rondeau talk about how well managed cattle grazing plays a critical role in improving and protecing habitat for wildlife.
  • Link to blog"How the Mighty Fall--and Why Some Companies Never Give In": by Don Tyler. "Jim Collins’ new book, 'How the Mighty Fall' is a great read for any business going through difficult financial situations—and those who want to avoid them. Though the title may initially cause you to think, ‘That’s all I need, more negativity!” the book provides empirical information on the common steps that highly visible companies have gone through in their decline, and others that turned it around mid-crisis."
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