BeefCast update for September 4, 2009, Can you get a handle on market volitility?

Update for September 4, 2009

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Over the past few weeks we have continued to be blessed by wonderful weather. Typically August can be a pretty tough month as we manage the challenges of heat stress. We certainly haven’t had to worry much about that this year. It is hard to believe that I have found myself reaching for a light jacket for the morning chores recently. But this is always one of my favorite times of the year as we begin to wean our spring born calves.

It is a great time to evaluate which cows and matings are performing the best. Now may be a good time to briefly pause and reflect on our own recent successes and refocus our efforts on mission and goals.

What are you hearing? I would enjoy hearing your comments,

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  • Link to blogHow the "Tragedy of the Commons" Can Become Even More Tragic by Dennis DiPietre. "The "tragedy of the commons" is an idea put forward by Garrett Hardin in the late 1960's, describing how commonly held resources are supposed to be stripped to nothing when those who use them act solely on self-interest instead of in the common good. The notion is that a community resource will be over-used when individuals apply their private profit calculation to how much of it they will employ. At first glance, this matches economic theory in that there is no economic motive to economize the use a variable input when it is valuable to the production process and free of charge.". Read DiPietre's "tragedy of the commons".
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Thanks, again, for listening.

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