Can We Have Real Dialog on GMOs?

BioFortified GMO dialog

BioFortified highlights the need for dialog around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as it relates to food and food production.

BioFortified points out how misconceptions are perpetuated by images of plants grown out of test tubes and monster plants, when these images are really incorrect. To make its point, BioFortified shares how Threadless is supporting a t-shirt design contest with the title Food Fight.

Many of the design submitted offer images of killer tomatoes and syringe wielding vegetables. These images are meant to scare and intimidate the public in to believing non-GMO food is better and healthier for humans.
the theme of this contest is “Food Fight”, and if the contest entries are any indication of what kind of dialog this perspective encourages, this can only harm civil discourse. However, one entry in my mind rises above the rest, and that is this one: The 1st Rule of GMOs: You Should talk about GMOs.