Cardboard Deere Tractor awaiting at door

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I got home from NAMA 09 in Atlanta and I found this marketing piece at my door step: A box with a cardboard/paper John Deere tractor (an 8330). The tractor opens up to show you the cabin and the engine. Inside the cabin is a thumb drive with lots of images that John Deere wants publishers, media types, and anyone else, to use to promote their product.

While interesting, and it got my attention (I did spend time capturing pictures of it!) I wonder if the dollars spent on this were worth it. How does John Deere measure the return on this? Was this a feel good campaign by the marketing managers ("Yes, we sent out these cool tractors made of cardboard...") or part of a brand/image awareness campaign? I certainly did not need the images (lots of those on line!).

I was going to trash the tractor (I do not have space to keep all marketing material that flows through here!). But I had a better thought. Let's help the tractor discover the ag landscape in the world.

Anyone read Paddle To The Sea, about a person who makes a 12 inch wood model of a canoe and its Indian paddler and sets the model off on a journey to the sea. Along the way various people help the model continue its journey, some repairing it, others helping it around obstacles. Well, I am sending the cardboard tractor on a journey to from coast to coast. If you get the tractor, help it out, send it on its way. Take a picture of it as it travels and post a note here as a comment. Share your tractor stories!

This is the info shipped with the tractor.

Please take a picture of me and friends and post it on Flickr at and tag the pictures with TractorAcrossAg. Then send me on my way to another part of the agriculture community!

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Slide show of the cardboard tractor below.