Conversations Captured and Reused

Today's conversations in Twitter create streams of information flowing through and around many participants. The linkage between conversations can be made with a tag, key words, or the participants themselves.
Conversations not captured
But, after the party is over, there is not much left. Tweets are lost in the noise over time. The context of the conversations are broken up. The connections are fragmented.
What happened
Yes, you can search for bits and pieces of the conversations though Google. But the wholeness of the conversation must be pulled back together, a task that is more cumbersome as time moves on.
Conversations being captured
The ability to capture the conversations as they are happening (or soon there after) is one step toward keeping the pieces together.
Like a reporter or editor uses a note pad or word processor when they organize information on an event, digital tools are available to automatically pull tweets together in a usable form.
Capture and publish
These digital publishing tools can also expand on the basic conversations by providing excerpts, summaries, and resource information. Like the stories and reports in the magazines and newspapers, the Twitter summaries themselves become part of the conversation, placed in the stream and yet still available over time outside the stream.
The published snippets provide historical context. They add value to the conversation because they readily provide extracted information and links.
Historical review
They also remain available as a whole over time for others to discover and use.
Re-discovery of the conversations can help extend future discussions and provide reflection on the issues.
Publish model