CropVillage Update for January 29, 2010, What are Job Recruiters Looking for in New Grads?

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What are Job Recruiters Looking for in New Grads?

MP3 fileWhat Recruiters Want, From the Fall 2009 Purdue University Career Fair, a series of interviews with job recruiters from Syngenta, Pioneer H-Bred, and Channel Bio Corp. These recruiters share their thoughts on what skills new graduates should have and what they might expect in today's job market.

Reviewing 2009's Top Ag Law Provisions

From SwineCast: MP3 fileRoger McEowen, form Iowa State's Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation, chats with Eric Atkinson to discuss the top ag legal issues of 2009 and impacts into 2010.

American Feed Industry Association At World Poultry Expo

From PoultryCast: MP3 fileJoel Newman, American Feed Industry Association's president and CEO, shares the overview of the their partnership with the World Poultry Expo and highlights top legislative / regulatory concerns for the coming months.

Agriculture discussions on Social Media channels

Twitter discussionsAntibiotics and their use in food production discussion.

Twitter discussionsFood Myths and Legends discussion.

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