CropVillage update for January15th, 2009, team building in agribusiness and 2009 and Beyond: The New Strategic Environment

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Update for January 15th, 2009

Just back from the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) convention in Texas. That organization walking the tightrope between grain and livestock production, but pulls together on many of the key issues facing agriculture. What they've got right is the Young Farmer and Rancher group which is a connection point for young singles and couples looking to make their way in farming. And they're using this group to speak out on behalf of good management and husbandry practices in all livestock production. A lot of other organizations would do well to spend as much time with the up and comers as Farm Bureau.

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  • MP3 fileAudio: CropVillage 00123, Transitions... generational turnover happens once in a lifetime.. Mike Fassler of Lookout Ridge Consulting discusses some of those considerations and offers suggestions to ease the pain. Also, working in a family or small business environment, the need for team building may not be immediately apparent. Talking with Guy Harris at the American Farm Bureau Federation Convention may cause you to think otherwise.
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