CropVillage update for July 2, 2009, Commodity Swaps - Good, Bad and Ugly, Plus Climate Change Legislation May Burn Agriculture

Update for July 2, 2009

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On the one hand…

Conversations with Washington watchers the past week during the climate legislation reinforced the willingness of coastal regions to sock it to the midwest when possible, ala’ coal burning regions to feel the heat of the energy cap and trade legislation. As an energy intensive industry, we’ll pay more than we get.

On the other hand…

Hard work by Ag Committee Dems helped contain the damage and ensured the USDA will manage much of agriculture’s involvement.

Having said that, what comes out on the other side of the Senate’s version and following conference committee work will surely look different if we see it at all. Current conventional wisdom says, "Not likely."

It’s a challenging time as my brother and I were discussing this week. I’m sure your family is having the same conversation.

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