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Update for June 4, 2009

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Grain markets continue to move higher, albeit in starts and stops during a late, wet planting season for much of the midwest. Prices have also been influenced by perceptions of improvement in a world economy hungry for U.S. grain and seeing depressed harvests in some traditional South American export markets.

Much was made of the ‘oil-grains’ link during last year’s run up and supposition that ethanol was the cause of high food prices. At the recent World Ag Forum in St. Louis, while attendees were most concerned about higher food prices in poor areas of the world, few blamed the conversion of corn and soybeans to biofuels and recognized the key issue to be one of overheated economies and insufficient transportation in many places. One speaker from India noted that many of the smaller farmers in her country were four days from market access, generally limiting them to subsistence farming with few alternatives.

However, and its a big HOWEVER, many noted that given population growth trends, increased reliance on bio-technology for improved production was inevitable. Look for the ‘WAF’ label on CropVillage programs for more.

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