CropVillage update for March 25, 2009, Agricultural Impact of Current Economic Morass

Update for March 25th, 2009

Commodity Classic coverage continues as we bring you recaps of the presentations you couldn’t attend. Economic evaluations and environmental impact concerns are part of the regular podcast lineup at

Producer concerns on input prices will soon give way as delayed decisions must be made with planting season approaching. What are your plans? If you had to bet today, which way will your spread your corn/soybean mix. Let us know at
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  • MP3 fileAudio: CropVillage 0143, Corn Fungicide ROI - Sprayer Update.
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  • Link to blogBlog: The End of Obesity is Just Around the Corner, By Dennis DiPietre . "If you imagine in your mind, the irrigated agriculture of California you probably can see a large valve sticking out of the ground with a wheel on top situated in the middle of a massive field with deep furrows. As the valve is turned, water gushes out into the furrows, flooding them to provide water for the crops. Alternatively, you might see large water guns irrigating the fields with booming sprays similar to a lawn sprinkler on steriods. The way of the future will require a much more efficient approach if water use to produce crops in California is to be sustained." Read more.
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