CropVillage update for October 9, 2009, Is the USDA's interpretation of "Active Engagement" wrong?

Harvest continues to move north and east amid damp, cool conditions. The major concern of an early freeze is alleviating day by day and being replaced by U.S. dollar weakness as a driver for grain purchases. Lower dollars buy more bushels when you are trying to feed a hungry populace.

I want to draw your attention to a post by one of our Headliner Bloggers, Don Tyler. We’ve been told by many of our community members that insight from other industries is many times directly transferable to their own situation. Some of those non-ag presentations are among our highest rated. In his post How the Mighty Fall—and Why Some Companies Never Give In , Don takes a look at why companies succeed. A good read for you, no matter where you’re coming from.

Also, a good presentation this week from Iowa State’s Roger McEowen on ‘Active Engagement ’. If you’re dealing with Farm Program payments, please understand this issue.

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