CropVillage update for September 24, 2009, Tracking The Crop - Midwestern Corn Development Report

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Soybean harvest getting underway with corn growers hoping for a late frost in much of the midwest. A special report from Iowa State looks at crop maturity issues for growers there. Futures prices anticipate the estimated record crop will reach maturity and move into the pipeline eventually. (The ability of the pipeline to handle those supplies is another consideration.)

Additional audio now online from the Farm Progress Show. An interesting side note is the ‘Social Media’ channels getting press at the Show. The latest innovation on display at the 2009 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, may not be a new tractor or biotech trait, but rather a Twitter community for agriculture known as #AgChat.

This weekly moderated conversation for people in the business of raising food, feed, fuel and fiber recently caught the eye of national news organizations such as CNN, which plugged #AgChat in its July “Twittering from the Tractor” report on the growing popularity of online social networks on farms.

Michele Payn-Knoper, principal of Cause Matters Corp., Lebanon, Ind., founded #AgChat in April 2009 as a part of her work to build stronger connections between the farm gate and consumer plate. She provides agricultural advocacy tools through keynotes, training programs, a blog and webinars that help address media misinformation and consumer pressures.

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