DairyCast update for August 24, 2009, Can veterinary practices be improved?

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Update for August 24, 2009

Over the last few weeks I have made a few trips to a couple of state fairs in the Midwest. And while I truly enjoy the experiences focused around the cattle barn, I have been more impressed with the efforts of various agriculture groups to properly educate the general public about our industry and production practices.

It is certainly no secret that the gap between consumers and the source of their food has continued to grow. It is commendable to see great action from agriculture organizations to properly fill this educational gap.

I encourage each of us to increase our activity in organizations to further these efforts. Whether it is only a few hours a month with a local organization or becoming active at the state and national level, together all of our efforts will make a great difference.

How are you sharing your story of agriculture? I would enjoy hearing your comments, send me a note.

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