DairyCast update for February 24, 2010, Increasing Your AI Pregnancy Rate in Cows

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Optimism appears to be returning to our dairy industry. Although, cautious optimism may be the best way to describe it. Last week’s USDA numbers of increased dairy cows reflect some of that optimism. But until the demand picture truly brightens, we aren’t out of the wood just yet.

Having welcomed a few new calves into the world recently, I am reminded of their resilience through these unfavorable weather conditions. The heavy snow falls and below normal temperatures have certainly presented a good deal of challenges. But the newborns really provide a great example of how to overcome obstacles and perform in a sometimes discouraging “business climate.”
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Increasing Your AI Pregnancy Rate in Cows

MP3 fileDr. Cliff Lamb helps build upon the recent conversations focusing on heifer pregnancy rates, by sharing how we can increase our artificial insemination pregnancy rates in our cows, in two parts (Part 1 and Part 2).

Agriculture Telling its Story With Social Media

Farming Your Online Community: Social Networks and Beyond Michele Payn-Knoper, Cause Matters Corp., says "If you do not learn how to use social media to tell your story in agriculture, others will, and possibly already are!"

Food Consumer Insight Panel #Foodchat brought together four non-agricultural food consumers to share their thoughts on issues and concerns on food and its production. This was an opportunity for those in agriculture to listen.

Farmers and Ranchers Are Using New / Social Media FollowFarmer has a set of curated set of Twitter based agricultural participants. And here are a few dairy focused professionals using social media to tell their story.

Dairy brief: What is on your mind?

Over the last several months DairyCast ran a series of surveys and here are the top issues on your mind: Milk prices, cost of inputs, and risk management. Not as much of a concern: estate taxes.
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Orlando Gil

Link to blogThe 2010 Census – Helping Your Community by Helping Latinos Be Counted Spread the word about the 2010 Census. Tell your Latino employees about their right to privacy and how important their response is. Tell them that it is safe to fill out the form and that it is important to be counted.

Meggie Foster

Link to blogFeeding consumers with what they want to hear With recent national media reports painting grim pictures of the dairy industry and the use of antibiotics in farm animals, it seems the agriculture community has become a serious target in media circles run by the likes of CBS Evening News Correspondent Katie Couric. And whether we like it or not, Couric is a 
strong voice in millions of family homes across the United States, 
unfortunately she is sure to make an impact on consumers choices.

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