DairyCast update for July 27, 2009, Perspective on international agriculture development

Update for July 27, 2009

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I just returned from the Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, located just outside of Waterloo. While there, it was interesting to see the number of attendees that apparently were not involved in agriculture.

It seemed to me that thousands of participants were actually the general public. The consumers had come out in masses to see what agriculture and food production are all about. It was certainly first-hand evidence that consumers are increasing interested in learning more about the food value chain.

And beyond that they are beginning to take strong actions to find answers to their questions. This makes our job, as food producers, even more important to ensure the truth is being heard.

What are you hearing from consumers? I would enjoy hearing your comments, send me a note.

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DairyCast® Ag Job Tools

Job lists are good leading sources of what might happen in the world. In the agricultural industry, there are several job listing sources on which to keep an eye.

AgCareers.com, AgJobNetwork , Hansen Agri-Placement , and Ag1Source all have useful tools to search for jobs. But the real power monitoring comes from the RSS feeds (see RSS in plain English video for background). With an RSS feed you can quickly scan job listings.

Some good examples include RSS feeds from AgCareers.com (RSS page) and Indeed.com. Remember, these RSS information feeds only give you information about a listed position, it wouldn't get you the job... You still need to do the hard work to get it.

One interesting use of RSS feeds is monitoring job opportunities. Using Indeed.com you can filter by company, key words, or job title. Who is Land O'Lakes Inc. looking for? Use this feed. What is Wells' Dairy Inc. up to? Do a search!

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