DairyCast update for June 2, 2010, What are some ways to improve cattle handling practices

The dairy industry is taking a hit because of the actions of one former employee at Conklin Dairy Farms Inc. in Ohio. The actions of one person have created the impression that all dairies treat their dairy cows poorly. And this is certainly not the case!

The question for those of us in the dairy industry is "what do we do next?"

If you have not done so, take time to reflect on the media attention and the possible impacts to consumer confidence. This is the dairy industry's opportunity (your opportunity!) to step up and share how you run your operations, talk about how your cows are really treated, and how you approach the creation of dairy products.

To help, here are several items on which to follow-up:
  • The Dairy Mom - Brenda (Souza) Hastings, along with her husband, operate a dairy farm in Northeast Ohio. They are both third generation dairy producers who made the choice to start their own dairy in 2004. Brenda started a blog to spread the truth about dairy and share information about how they operate their family farm.
  • Dairy Farming Today - Dairy Management Inc. created several information tools to help provide perspective and educational information to consumers and dairy producers. Use these to help learn from other producers on how to tell your story. Resources include using Twitter for June Dairy Month and using Facebook to listen to consumers.
  • An open letter to all those concerned and outraged by the Conklin Dairy Farm incident - Kathy Swift, large animal veterinarian, provides a personal perspective and context, for both ag and non-ag people, to understand the dairy industry and animal agriculture.
Again, this is your opportunity to tell your story!

Dairy operation and management

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  • Link to blogIs Your Next Generation Ready? - Preparing the Next Generation for their role in the family business can be a constant challenge for the current leadership of the business. Production, management and leadership skills are all critical abilities that need to be passed on to assure long-term success for the business. What steps should you take?
  • Audio: Story of survival through disastrous times - Captain Scott O'Grady, former US Air Force fighter pilot, shares his story of survival after being shot down by the enemy, in two parts (Part 1, Part 2).

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